With a degree in Economics and a filmmaking background from the NYU Graduate Film School, I found my true calling in the marketing world.

By applying my storytelling skills and my understanding of the psychology behind people’s actions I create experiences that strike an emotional chord with consumers and build a loyal following.

I am passionate about DESIGN and mastered Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on my own. That came in handy when designing online banner ads.
A passion for chess and over 14 years of playing professional tennis have sharpened my strategic and analytical skills.
I am not afraid of HTML code. I can contribute to the crafting of the “WOW” factor in the online user experience by using my web design skills as well.

Claim to fame

I took Anthony Bourdain on a tour of my native country, Romania. Check out the No Reservations: Romania episode for my 15 seconds of television fame!